Celebrating 35 Years

February 2, 2015

When Lochmueller Group’s founders opened their doors on February 2, 1980, they dreamed of creating a company that could help communities and clients reinvent your future through thoughtful, actionable planning—planning based on your aspirations and supported by applicable data and the most accurate forecasting tools available.

Over time, the firm expanded to offer a wide range of services, so that today we can walk beside you each step of the way from planning through execution. This allows us to approach projects with a view to your overall goals, rather than as a series of unrelated assignments. By taking the larger view, we can often suggest alternative approaches that save time and money. These include environmentally sensible solutions, such as green infrastructure, that support long-term sustainability, while respecting limited budgets.

Our ability to assist you with comprehensive planning through construction engineering means we understand how decisions made today can impact your goals tomorrow. Planners, engineers, and environmental scientists regularly collaborate to take advantage of expertise in a wide range of planning, design, and constructability considerations; permitting; costs; and a host of other subjects.

In short, what drives us today is still what our founders envisioned 35 years ago— helping you imagine and create plans and projects that optimize resources, realize your potential, and create a bright and prosperous future.

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