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Construction Inspector

OFFICE: South Bend, Fort Wayne, Marion or LaPorte, Indiana

EXPERIENCE: Requires considerable knowledge of and ability to apply civil engineering theories, principles, methods, and procedures used in the construction of highways, bridges, and related structures, as well as basic knowledge of quality requirements for samples of road construction materials, including aggregates, bituminous, soils and concrete, for materials acceptance. Graduate knowledge of mathematics, trigonometry and geometry. Should possess the ability to read and interpret construction plans and schematics; document and analyze test results; and use a variety of testing, surveying and inspection equipment. Candidates are also required to take and pass all Department of Transportation’s inspection and sampling tests.

This position will be responsible for assisting in overseeing the construction of highway, road, and bridge projects. Representative duties include: Inspection of construction work on roads, bridges, pipes, sewers, curbs, guard rails, etc. for conformity to construction standards; sampling and performing yield, air, slump or compaction tests on a variety of materials, such as aggregates, bituminous, soils and concrete at plants, quarries and construction sites to check for conformity with specifications; surveying, staking, plotting and computing cross-sections of construction sites; operating a variety of instruments in the surveying process; performing hubbing, chaining; operating nuclear gauge; running blue top, level circuits and paving hubs; inspecting and reviewing the operation of plant and truck scales; reading and interpreting schematics and construction plans; collecting codes; analyzing and maintaining a variety of test data and inspection records; and related work as required.

Candidate will be expected to interact with other individuals within the department and representative of contractors and project owners for the purpose of giving and receiving factual information about work assignments. Will also have contact with material producers and supervisor in order to provide expedient, accurate sampling and testing of various materials. Work is normally performed outside at the project site in all types of weather. Physical effort may involve lifting, carrying weights, using small hand tools, walking, digging, etc.

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