Job Listing

Senior NEPA Manager

OFFICE: Indianapolis, IN

EDUCATION: BS/MS with a degree in engineering, planning, environmental science, biology, or other related field

EXPERIENCE: 10 years or more technical or planning experience in related field

Lochmueller Group currently has an opening for a Senior NEPA Manager. The primary responsibilities of this position include managing environmental department staff and leading NEPA documentation, field studies, and environmental resource coordination with clients, agencies and public. The incumbent will work closely with our Senior Technical NEPA Specialist. Responsibilities include managing staff activities, schedules and budgets for environmental projects based out or the Lochgroup Indianapolis Office. This will include actively participating in meetings with the client, staff, and regulatory agencies for the development and implementation of projects and preparing and reviewing NEPA documents. The incumbent is also responsible for the quality control of NEPA documents and reviews project design for NEPA compliance. Incumbent must also maintain constant communication with environmental staff on the schedule, concept and budget for each project for which incumbent is responsible. Incumbent may also prepare other documents, environmental overviews, and planning reports and may conduct field studies on plants, animals, and various terrestrial/aquatic habitats and documentation on wetland and stream delineations and assessments. Incumbent will also assist with mitigation and/or monitoring and permitting as well as GIS analysis and mapping. The ideal candidate will have an extensive knowledge of standard practices within NEPA and transportation projects and considerable knowledge of current literature and recent developments in appropriate regulatory issues. This is a professional position and requires the incumbent to act in a professional manner showing respect towards others in the company and any client at all times.  Lochmueller Group is an Equal Opportunity Employer.




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