Lochmueller Wins Seven Awards in Q1 2019

April 30, 2019

Lochmueller Group had an award-winning quarter! We served as the prime consultant on five projects that won ACEC or NAEP awards. Additionally, our firm was a sub-consultant on two projects that won ACEC Missouri awards.

We are honored to have the work of our firm and staff and our client’s communities recognized by these respected organizations! Read more about these award-winning projects below.

I-57/70 Rehabilitation (ACEC Illinois 2019 Special Achievement Award)

Increased congestion at the crossroads of two major freeways, FAI-57 and FAI-70, prompted the Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) to upgrade a 7.9 mile section of roadway where the two interstates merge through the City of Effingham. The proposed improvement expanded the dual marked section of interstate from a 4-lane roadway with 64 foot wide grassed median to a 6-lane facility with 16 foot wide closed median along with improvements at five interchanges. Lochmueller was responsible for the Phase I Study and Phase II Design. The additional lanes and interchange improvements improved safety, reduced congestion, and allowed for increased truck access for the movement of goods.

I-69 Section 4 Mitigation Services (NAEP 2019 Environmental Excellence, Environmental Management Award)

I-69 Section 4 from US 231 near Naval Support Activity-Crane to SR 37 south of Bloomington, Indiana is one of six sections of the overall interstate highway extending from Evansville to Indianapolis, Indiana. Section 4 is a 26.7-mile, new-terrain facility that opened to traffic on December 9, 2015.

The I-69 Section 4 Mitigation Services involved developing and implementing a plan to mitigate impacts associated with the construction of the interstate project. This mitigation plan was a critical component for satisfying resource agency requirements leading to a Biological Opinion (USFWS), Record of Decision (FHWA), and securing the necessary 404 (USACE) and 401 (Indiana Department of Environmental Management) Permits to move from planning, to design, and on to construction.

The interstate was constructed through hilly terrain, with forested land and farmland, as well as karst terrain.  The project being submitted for this application involves the mitigation program for the approximately 1,100 acres of impacted right-of-way including impacts to natural features such as forested lands and karst, as well as threatened and endangered species. 

Stormwater Design for the Development of Grand Junction Park (ACEC Indiana 2019 Merit Award)

Lochmueller designed an innovative stormwater solution along with roadway, structural, and permitting services to support the development of Grand Junction Park in downtown Westfield. The stormwater retention system mimics the pre-construction conditions where an abandoned railroad embankment with a culvert controlled water flow of the existing channel. The final design incorporated a newly constructed embankment and 3-sided box culvert, both with decorative limestone facades, to provide the same service that the railroad embankment and pipe culvert provided previously. Our team blended the hydraulic design with the architectural vision and the requirement to control the flow of water through a floodplain to form a stunning underground entrance for pedestrians to access the park without having to cross traffic.

Cannelburg Road: Roadway Improvements & Buggy Lane Addition (ACEC Indiana 2019 Merit Award)

Cannelburg Road is a 12.3-mile roadway in Daviess County connecting US 50 in Cannelburg and SR 58 in Odon. This roadway is a primary corridor running through the heart of the local Amish and Mennonite communities and serves commercial, agricultural, tourist, and residential users. The project involved the addition of two 8-foot shoulders to accommodate horse and buggy travel along with needed site distance and intersection improvements.

The two challenges this project faced are transportation design and coordination, creating design that accommodates motorized and horse-drawn buggy traffic and having the local community’s support behind Lochmueller’s design solution. 

Our solution involved building trust with the Amish and Mennonite communities, listening to their concerns, soliciting ideas, and designing to meet their needs.  

Stellar Foundation Projects for the City of Bedford (ACEC Indiana 2019 Merit Award)

The Southern Indiana Railroad Station. Project funded through the Indiana Stellar Communities Program.

The City of Bedford’s Stellar Projects realized three of the City’s and local community’s dreams.  

1) Much-needed revitalization of the downtown streetscape, which concentrated on merging safety, functionality and visual appeal.

2) The residents’ wish for more trails led to an added bike/pedestrian trail that connects to downtown through the local cultural district.

3) The moving of an old, abandoned railroad depot to a more desirable location, renovating it and giving it a fresh purpose as a community and tourist information center displaying the City’s limestone history, and acts as a trailhead for the City’s pathways.

141/I-44 Design-Build* Sub to AECOM (ACEC Missouri 2019 Grand Award)

This project included the addition of the first thru-turns in Missouri on Route 141 north of the Meramec River to ease congestion at the Vance and Marshall Road intersections. South of the river, new loop ramps were constructed at the 141/I-44 interchange to reduce the volume of traffic needing to turn left at a signal, while other existing ramps were widened to increase overall mobility. The project is highlighted by the construction of a new flyover ramp to carry traffic from southbound Route 141 to eastbound I-44.

Missouri Department of Transportation (MoDOT) Safety Design-Build* Sub to H&S/Jacobs (ACEC Missouri 2019 Honor Award)

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