Alton-Godfrey Transportation Study

Lochmueller Group (Lochgroup) is a key partner in a joint venture working on a large-scale study of the transportation needs in the Alton-Godfrey area. The project will assess the need for new or modified access, and if warranted, to plan and design the infrastructure necessary to serve these regional transportation needs. The study is following the National Environmental Planning Act (NEPA) process and will involve extensive public involvement through the Illinois Department of Transportation Context Sensitive Solutions (CSS) protocol.

As an initial step, Lochgroup completed travel demand forecasts to establish a year 2040 baseline (“no-build”) traffic forecast. As alternatives are developed, the model will be employed to gauge the relative traffic impacts of various access options.

D8AltGod-Alt_12-3-Exhibit-TrialAlso, stakeholder engagement has begun. Lochgroup helped coordinate public meetings and the establishment of a Community Advisory Group. Through the CSS process, local stakeholders will help guide the study to provide results that match the needs and character of the community.

As the study progresses, Lochgroup will continue to help guide the project through the NEPA process. Lochgroup will also lead efforts related to transportation planning and traffic engineering, while assisting with public involvement and highway design. The end result will be recommendations that enhance quality of life in the region and serve all users of the transportation system.

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