Edgar County, Illinois


Edgar County Highway Department

In Edgar County, Illinois, the Village of Brocton, the County Highway Department, the local drainage district, and local agricultural interests disagreed on the causes of local flooding and who was responsible to fix the problem.

Lochmueller Group (LochGroup) developed a model to pinpoint the causes of flooding and poor drainage, which was then used to mediate the dispute. Lochgroup created a SWMM model of the Village storm sewers and approximately 2 miles of drainage ditch and a tributary to the Little Embarrass River. The model was calibrated to recent significant storm events. Five alternatives were formulated to improve drainage, including additional storm sewers, a range of detention basins, ditch regrading, and creek widening.

The alternatives were presented in a technical memo that included detailed hydraulic modeling data, as well as a separate summary written with local stakeholders in mind.

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