Gary, Indiana


City of Gary, Indiana

Green Link Trail After ConstructionLochmueller Group provided construction engineering for a portion of a bikeway that is the first step in a trail master plan. The plan is called the Gary, Indiana Green Link, a 30-mile loop around the city that will connect with other trails and provide access to the Indiana Dunes National Seashore. The project involved the construction of approximately 2,200 lf of new trail that runs along the Grand Calumet River.

The initial 500-foot portion included earthwork alongside an existing wetland. Extreme care was exercised during the construction of this section to reduce impacts on this wetland. The trail was built out of 560 tons of asphalt on 640 tons of rock with decorative brick trailheads at various terminals. Decorative plants and shrubs and mulch seeding were planted along the trail.

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