University City, Missouri


City of University City, Missouri

Lochmueller Group (Lochgroup) provided design services for improvements to Center Drive. The project will correct the street’s elevation and profile, address stormwater drainage issues, and replace existing oil-and-chip surfaces with new pavement. Improvements will also include new sidewalks in portions of the project area.

The scope of work included the reconstruction of approximately one block of Center Drive between Delmar Boulevard and Teasdale Avenue. Drainage issues were addressed by constructing a new curb-and-gutter system on both sides of the street while adjusting the existing inlet structures to meet the new curb line. New driveway approaches will be installed within the right-of-way. Two new ornamental bollards, with a reflective chain assembly, will replace the existing three-pole-and-chain assembly at the end of the street. Site restoration will include sodding disturbed areas.

Lochgroup generated a conceptual geometric plan for the proposed improvements to better coordinate with the city, local stakeholders, and utility companies that have facilities within the project limits. Lochgroup also participated in public outreach meetings with the adjacent property owners and City officials.

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