Jeffersonville, Indiana


Construction Solutions, Inc.

Lochmueller Group (Lochgroup) provided traffic data collection, traffic forecasting, and transportation planning services to the City of Jeffersonville in preparation of a Downtown Master Plan. The plan focused on a new canal that would improve stormwater and sewage conveyance while also allowing the area around the canal to be developed with a convention center, hotel, townhomes, and commercial space containing retail shops and restaurants.

Lochgroup completed extensive traffic data collection to establish existing conditions. This included the collection of manual turning movement count data at 40 intersections during various peak periods. In addition, pneumatic tube counts were collected at seven key locations to collect volume, axle classification, and length data over a one-week period.

Lochgroup was also responsible for the transportation, access, and connectivity components of the Master Plan, which included preparing short- and long-term traffic forecasts, recommending access to specific development areas, identifying corridor cross sections and intersection treatments that promote pedestrian and bicycle usage, and coordinating plans for enhanced access to the canal district with the Indiana Department of Transportation’s rebuild of Interstate 65. Particular emphasis was placed on a connection to the Big Four Bridge, which facilitates non-vehicular access across the Ohio River to Louisville and links the district to an emerging regional trail network.

Lochgroup also prepared a traffic management plan for special events, such as planned festivals and major conventions. The plan recommended a shuttle service to transport visitors from remote parking locations to prevent congestion in the canal district.

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