Fountain City Road over Haverstick Creek Bridge Replacement

The project involved final design plans, calculations, and specification for approximately 900 feet of roadway improvements and the removal and replacement of the existing 30-foot reinforced concrete slab structure carrying Fountain City Road over Haverstick Creek. The curved roadway alignment required the bridge superstructure to be placed on a new alignment while being super-elevated. The new integral abutments were placed on a 20° skew to the creek.

The roadway work included new horizontal and vertical alignments, drainage calculations, and right-of-way design. A hydraulic analysis was performed to ensure the new channel opening would adequately support the 50-year design storm. The bridge accommodates two lanes of traffic on a 36-foot roadway by providing a 41.5-foot, out-to-out bridge width.

The replacement single-span structure consists of a super-elevated reinforced concrete deck supported by six precast pre-stressed concrete I-girders. The deck was designed as a composite reinforced concrete slab integral with precast pre-stressed deck panels.

The precast pre-stressed concrete I-girders are supported by integral abutments. Due to the shallow rock depth, pile was pre-bored to a designed depth to provide adequate support and fixity for the structure.

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