Jeffersonville, Indiana


City of Jeffersonville, Indiana

Lochmueller Group (LochGroup) provided construction inspection services for the widening and rehabilitation of Hamburg Pike in Jeffersonville, Indiana. The improved roadway has two 12-foot lanes with a 14-foot center turn lane. Improvements also included widening and rehabilitation of a bridge, installation of a new storm sewer system, curb-and-gutter, asphalt pavement, sidewalks, landscaping, signage, and traffic signal upgrades. Sightlines were also improved, including at the intersection near the Thomas Jefferson Elementary School. Lochgroup met with school officials to coordinate re-routing school drop-off and pick-up traffic as part of traffic maintenance efforts.

The plan called for re-profiling the road to update it to current standards. This re-profiling was accomplished primarily via milling and HMA wedge and leveling. While the plans called for a significant depth of HMA in some areas; many others had proposed overlay depths as little as 1.5 inch. Lochgroup also noted that the existing roadway was severely deteriorated and that the existing roadway depths might be less than anticipated in some areas. In addition there were a number of trenches present in the existing roadway, and the extensive utility relocations required for the project would mean significantly more trenches and patching.

Given these conditions, Lochgroup raised concerns regarding future maintenance costs as a result of issues like differential settlement and crack mitigation. Since a full-depth reconstruction was considered too expensive, Lochgroup recommended that the minimal depth of HMA overlay be increased as a cost-effective alternative. After weighing cost vs. benefit considerations, the city decided to increase the minimal depth of HMA overlay to 6 inches throughout the corridor.

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