Lemay Ferry Road U-Turn

Lochmueller Group (Lochgroup) designed new roadway pavement, concrete sidewalks, and modification of traffic signals to accommodate a new U-turn at 4106 Lemay Ferry Road (Route 61/67). The project followed the Missouri Department of Transportation guidelines and was funded by the owner of the property at 4106 Lemay Ferry Road.

The design necessitated the creation of a “loon” or widening on the east side of the roadway to facilitate minimal deceleration and continuous flow for U-turns. The road widening was necessary to modify the median and the traffic signal at the intersection with South County Center Way, opposite the Westbound I-255 entrance ramp. The design also incorporated rerouting nearby fiber optic cables.

In addition to the widening of Lemay Ferry Road, the project improved the median and the traffic signal at the intersection opposite the Westbound I-255 entrance ramp, including replacement of one signal post and mast arm. A new power supply and lighting controller were also installed.

Pedestrian improvements included reconstructing sidewalks along the back side of the loon from the I-255 entrance ramp through the modified driveway at 4106 Lemay Ferry Road. The design included a retaining wall to address the steep grade along the site frontage. Lochgroup also provided survey and utility coordination services.

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