Lentzier Creek Watershead Drainage Study

lentzierCreek2This watershed drainage study was performed to determine the potential impacts of future development plans on existing drainage conditions at the River Ridge Development Authority (RRDA) property in Jeffersonville, Indiana. In December 2010, the RRDA finalized an update to the Land Planning Element of its 2001 Master Development Plan, which outlined future land use for the property. The purpose of this study was to then propose drainage management projects that should be implemented in order to support future development and minimize or reduce the potential impacts of stormwater runoff originating on RRDA property.

Services provided included field visits, data collection, and hydraulic modeling. The study focused on drainage to the Lentzier Creek watershed and in particular, on maintaining its flow at or below the rate that existed before RRDA owned the property. The study concluded that a series of regional retention/detention basins could be created to support future development, while maintaining the flow through Lentzier Creek below the 10- and 100-Year storm event flow rate that existed in before RRDA owned the property. Lochmueller Group also evaluated opportunities to develop these drainage management basins into multi-use facilities for uses including water reuse for irrigation, fire protection, recreational pathways, and wildlife habitat restoration.

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