North Wastewater Treatment Plant

As its next step in its Long-Term Control Plan, the City of Jeffersonville needed an additional north wastewater treatment plant to ease the wastewater loads on its downtown plant and build extra capacity for future growth. The new facility is capable of treating an average daily flow of 3.0 mgd with peak sustained flow of 9.0 mgd.

Lochmueller worked with the City in taking a proactive approach to design the system with future regulations in mind.  The treatment plant was carefully designed to easily accommodate future additional unit processes to be capable of achieving a total phosphorus effluent of less than 1 mg/l and total nitrogen effluent of less than 10 mg/l.

The new facility includes:

  • A headworks with mechanical fine screening & grit removal system
  • Multiple loop reactor type oxidation ditch for nutrient removal
  • Secondary clarifiers
  • RAS/WAS pump station
  • UV disinfection
  • Cascade aeration
  • Non-potable water system
  • Aerobic sludge holding tanks
  • Sludge dewatering facility
  • Administration building
  • Maintenance building

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