Newburgh, Indiana


Orthopaedic Associates

Lochgroup conducted a feasibility study to evaluate this 5-acre site for a new 35,000-sf medical office building just outside of Evansville, Indiana. The site is across from the Deaconess Gateway Medical Complex but the study indicated it sat on an abandoned coal mine. In addition, a sewer extension would need to cross both private property and Epworth Road, a major thoroughfare, to reach the site. Coincidentally, Lochgroup’s Transportation Department was in the midst of designing the widening of that same portion of Epworth Road and recognized an opportunity to save the client money by planning construction of the sewer extension while the roadway was undergoing reconstruction.

This was complicated, however, by the fact that a permanent easement from a private entity was needed before an application to extend the sewer could be submitted. After considerable coordination, Lochgroup assisted Orthopaedic Associates in securing an agreement with the owner of an adjacent property, and submitted the sewer extension permit application. The permit was approved in June, and construction of the sewer extension crossing Epworth Road was completed by August, just a few weeks before the road reconstruction was complete. Traffic light modifications to serve the site’s new access road were also made in coordination with the roadway reconstruction as requested by the client.

Lochgroup also provided all site design. Key considerations for locating the building on the lot were maximizing the visibility of the building while minimizing the portion of the building footprint over the abandoned coal mine.

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