SR 1 (Dupont Road) Reconstruction

The purpose of this project was to increase capacity and improve the safety in this rapidly developing urban area near Fort Wayne. The project involved reconstruction and widening of approximately 1.8 miles of a 2-lane roadway to a 4-lane divided roadway with curb and gutter/storm sewers, as well as three new traffic signals with radio interconnect with a fourth signal.

The continually changing land use, along with changes in transportation funding, posed some interesting challenges over the life of the project. Initially designated as part of Major Moves, the project went through several changes in scope and priority over the years. When federal stimulus funding became available, however, INDOT asked that Lochmueller Group (Lochgroup) accelerate the final stages of design so that the project would be eligible to receive 100% federal funding under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009. This required moving design from the Final Field Check (80%) to Final Tracings (100%) in 32 days.

In addition to the accelerated schedule, the project required extensive coordination with other public and private projects adjacent to it. This included two separate Allen County projects along intersecting roadways, an expansion of Parkview Hospital along an intersecting roadway and two commercial development projects one including a movie theater with several out-lot developments and the other a Walgreens. Once construction began, Parkview Hospital initiated a further expansion of their campus which required a  portion of the SR 1 project to be redesigned to accommodate the proposed improvements to an intersecting road. This required increasing the number of lanes to 8 on the intersecting roadway, adding sidewalks and modifying the traffic signal to allow pedestrian crossing.

Since construction had already begun and maintenance of traffic was critical to accommodate increasingly heavy traffic in the area, it was critical to design the changes as quickly as possible. Lochgroup completed the revisions and provided all relevant information within 2 weeks to keep the project on schedule.

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