Water Treatment & Supply Study

The City of Huntington partnered with Lochmueller Group to evaluate their existing water treatment plant and well fields that include the North System and the South System.   The North Water Treatment system was constructed in 2013 and remains in good working condition and has a long-remaining useful life.  The South Water Treatment has had several upgrades over the years, with the earliest upgrade plans available from 1959.  However, there was existing infrastructure prior to that and much of the remaining infrastructure is well past its projected useful life.

The study included eight alternatives with variations of

  • Rehabilitation of the South Water System
  • Replacement of the South Water Treatment System
  • Increasing capacity of the North Water Treatment System

One main driver for exploring various alternatives was the availability of groundwater at both wellfields. In September 2017, a high-producing well in the south wellfield was determined to be “Groundwater under the Direct Influence of Surface Water (GWUDI).”  For this well to remain in service, the south water treatment system would have to be upgraded or replaced to be able to meet surface water treatment standards.  This would greatly increase capital along with operation and maintenance costs.

After a life-cycle cost analysis was performed on all alternatives, the recommended alternative for the project includes the proposed construction of a new, smaller south groundwater treatment plant with a firm capacity of 3.5 MGD (2.62 MGD firm capacity).  The project would also require additional well capacity at both the north and south wellfields.

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