Daviess County, Indiana


Daviess County Commissioners

Lochmueller Group worked with the Daviess County Commissioners to help develop a county-wide Comprehensive Plan that was adopted in 2009. This led the County to establish a County Advisory Plan Commission to help implement elements of the Comprehensive Plan.

In 2010, the newly formed Advisory Plan Commission hired Lochmueller Group to help them in developing the County’s first zoning ordinance. These zoning regulations will help ensure appropriate development patterns throughout the County, especially in proximity to I-69 and the WestGate@Crane Technology Park. The Comprehensive Plan was utilized to help develop the zoning ordinance to ensure that the regulations followed the Plan’s guidance.

A unique element in developing the zoning ordinance was including provisions to allow for the special needs of Amish businesses. Zoning ordinances often limit “at home” business or business within accessory structures such as garages and barns. It was important to ensure that these businesses could continue and grow as a right according to the ordinance. Preventing small business expansion or creating a complex permitting process would hinder the Amish businesses within the County.

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