• Sustainability Planning
  • Comprehensive Plans
  • Downtown & Neighborhood Revitalization Plans
  • Parks & Recreational Plans
  • Safe Routes to Schools Plans
  • Transit-Oriented Development
  • GIS/Asset Management

To remain attractive to businesses and residents alike, communities must follow a well–conceived program of community development. Goals and aspirations alone are not enough, however, without a thorough understanding of the physical, economic, geographic, cultural and environmental conditions that impact their feasibility. Successful planning, therefore, benefits from a wide range of technical resources spanning from economic development and infrastructure costs to cultural resources and land use.


evansville-arts-districtThe Millennial Plan for 2040
Evansville, Indiana

Transit-Oriented Development Plan
St. Louis, Missouri

Parks & Recreation Plan
Rockport, Indiana

Comprehensive & Downtown Revitalization Plans
Bedford, Indiana

Safe Routes to School Master Plan
Washington, Indiana

Downtown Revitalization Plan
Boonville, Indiana

Zoning Ordinance Development
Daviess County, Indiana

Multimodal Transportation System Assessment
Southern Illinois