• Abstracting
  • Analyzing Property Lines
  • Evaluating Existing Land Rights
  • Existing Road Right–of–Way Analysis
  • Legal Descriptions
  • Right–of–Way Parcel Plats
  • Staking Right–of–Way
  • Appraisals & Review Appraisals
  • Negotiations
  • Relocations
  • GIS/Asset Management

Whether it’s to widen a road, develop a commercial site, construct a pipeline or create a utility corridor land acquisition is all about clarity, communication, and timeliness. This is truer than ever, thanks to the trend toward faster project delivery.

Depending upon the funding source and type of acquisition, complex regulations often govern what, when, and how to communicate to property owners.

That’s why we not only stay up on the ins–and–outs of land acquisition regulations to avoid common issues that may cause delays or derail projects, but understand how they can impact design, schedule, and budget.


High Speed Rail Line
Chicago, Illinois to St. Louis, Missouri

I-69 Right-of-Way Services
Evansville to Indianapolis, Indiana

Conway Road Sidewalk Improvements
Frontenac, Missouri

Milburn School Road Reconstruction
O'Fallon, Illinois

Mississippi Levee System Improvements
Madison, Monroe, St. Clair Counties, Illinois

Crude Oil Pipeline
Dewitt, Marion, Macon, & Shelby Counties, Illinois

Mississippi River Bridge
St. Louis, Missouri

Illinois Route 159 Widening
Collinsville, Illinois

University Parkway
Evansville, Indiana

Illinois Route 13 Widening
Carbondale to Marion, Illinois

Wyckles Road Widening & Resurfacing
Decatur, Illinois