High Speed Rail Line

September 20, 2014


This ongoing project involves the acquisition of right-of-way and easements for improvements to over 35 at-grade railroad crossings between St. Louis and Chicago. The crossings need to be upgraded to convert the line to High Speed Rail. Lochgroup is managing the appraisals and review appraisals, negotiations, relocation, and eminent domain proceedings for acquiring 200 parcels of commercial, agricultural, and residential properties across five IDOT districts. The project involves intensive coordination with IDOT Central Office, the Federal Railroad Authority, numerous engineering consulting firms, and the IDOT districts where the property interests are being acquired.

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I-69 Right-of-Way Services

September 19, 2014


Lochmueller Group (Lochgroup) provided Right-of-Way services for acquisition of several hundred acres of land used for wetland mitigation for the new terrain I-69 extension from Evansville to Indianapolis, Indiana. The wetland mitigation work involved acquiring rights to 33 parcels. In addition, Lochgroup provided Right-of-Way to acquire coal interests  and mineral rights on several parcels.

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Conway Road Sidewalk Improvements


Lochgroup provided waiver valuations and negotiations for the acquisition of easements from 24 property owners.

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Milburn School Road Reconstruction


This project improved approximately 1 mile of roadway. The intersection at Milburn School Road and Merriam Parkway were reconstructed to a modern roundabout design. Lochgroup prepared appraisals for the acquisition of 30 parcels, performed negotiations, and obtained IDOT certification of the land acquisition process so the project could qualify for federal funding.

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Illinois Route 159 Widening


This project widened Route 159 from three to four lanes through the city of Collinsville, Illinois. Lochmueller Group managed all land acquisition activities as a turn-key service, which included providing overall project management, valuation, negotiation, relocation, and eminent domain proceedings for the acquisition of over 230 parcels through a tight urban corridor. The widening required relocation of more than 20 businesses, 10 residences, 3 outdoor advertising signs, and the preparation of 6 specialty reports for the partial demolition of buildings and reconfiguration of two convenient store and gas stations.

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