Multimodal Transportation System Assessment

September 9, 2014

Public-workshop-smpoLochgroup provided a comprehensive assessment of the current state of the multimodal transportation system within the Jackson-Williamson County metropolitan area. This study aided the newly formed Southern Illinois Metropolitan Planning Organization (SIMPO) in prioritizing future planning and construction projects while also serving as a foundation for the long-range transportation plan due in 2016.

This study included the following:

This study also engaged the communities and stakeholders served by SIMPO to ensure their diverse needs are represented in the regional planning process. The study also provided the member agencies a chance to learn the process required to prioritize projects as part of a Metropolitan Planning Organization.

Lochgroup worked closely with the Study Oversight Team, which is made up of SIMPO staff and members of the Technical Advisory Committee, to produce a comprehensive assessment that serves as a valuable tool for future transportation planning. As a result, Lochgroup’s contract was amended to include the preparation of a Long-Range Traffic Forecast for the SIMPO Planning Area and a GIS-referenced inventory of the MPO’s existing sidewalk and bicycle facilities.

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