Ward 16 Neighborhood Traffic Study

September 24, 2014

Lochmueller Group (Lochgroup) provided a neighborhood level street access and circulation study within the Saint Louis Hills neighborhood of the City of St. Louis, Missouri. The neighborhood has seen an influx of young families with children, which has prompted renewed interest in pedestrian safety. The resulting plan developed recommendations for reducing traffic volumes and speeds on neighborhood streets and improving the safety of pedestrians and bicyclists.

An extensive public engagement process was undertaken to better grasp the issues and desires of the neighborhood. A resident survey on transportation needs garnered almost 400 responses and multiple public meetings were held to form an in-depth view of the community’s needs. Additionally, interviews were conducted with the multitude of educational institutions in the study area, as well as City of St. Louis staff, to understand the operational concerns and constraints of the neighborhood.

A comprehensive data collection effort was undertaken to assemble an inventory of information from which informed recommendations could be developed. This data was utilized to evaluate potential treatments and either confirm or refute their viability. The data collected included:

The issues were then prioritized based on the preceding information. From these issues, counter-measures were developed along with a short-term/long-term priority, conceptual design schematic and estimated capital cost for each treatment. Some of the recommendations involved:

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Kingshighway Viaduct Replacement

September 18, 2014

Lochmueller Group (Lochgroup) served as subconsultant for the design of a replacement viaduct for Kingshighway over the Union Pacific Railroad just south of I-44. Kingshighway is the busiest arterial street in the City of St. Louis providing 6 lanes of traffic along a key north-south axis. Built in 1936, the railroad viaduct was in poor condition and in need of replacement.

Lochgroup provided traffic engineering, which included traffic modeling, construction traffic mitigation planning, and traffic signal design. The traffic engineering work was governed by local (City of St. Louis and Missouri Department of Transportation) standards and procedures. Lochgroup’s modeling focused on evaluating improvements planned for the intersection of Kingshighway and Shaw Boulevard at the north end of the viaduct. The intersection was relocated to the south, the east leg was entirely realigned, and a new southbound left-turn movement was introduced to enhance access to the Missouri Botanical Garden (a major regional attraction) located on Shaw Boulevard to the east.

In addition, the project included modifications to the I-44 eastbound off-ramp at Kingshighway. The ramp was widened for a second right-turn lane onto Kingshighway to serve motorists making the new southbound left-turn movement at Shaw Boulevard.

VISSIM and Synchro traffic flow models were developed for a 1-mile stretch of the Kingshighway Corridor between Manchester and Vandeventer/Southwest Avenues. VISSIM is a traffic simulation tool with sophisticated driver behavior models that accurately replicate complex traffic operations, including the interactions of closely-spaced signalized intersections. These models were carefully calibrated to field conditions during rush-hour peak periods.

Through this work, Lochgroup helped St. Louis determine the most effective configuration for the intersection of Kingshighway and Shaw Boulevard and confirm that the modifications would not adversely impact traffic along the critical Kingshighway corridor.

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Gateway Green Light – Phase 2

Gateway Green Light is the name of the Regional Integrated Corridor Management Plan to coordinate all traffic signals in St. Charles County to reduce travel times, fuel consumption, greenhouse gas emissions, and accidents.

Lochmueller Group (Lochgroup) is a key member of the consultant team responsible for the system planning, arterial corridor ITS design, and signal optimization for the plan’s second phase. This phase includes a complete upgrade of the communications system to support the implementation of TransSuite Advanced Traffic Management System (ATMS) software and development of signal timing plans for 17 signal groups. Lochgroup’s responsibilities include developing and implementing – via TransSuite ATMS software – new signal timing on 8 signal groups.

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Traffic Data Collection & Signal Optimization

September 17, 2014

Lochmueller Group prepared two corridor studies that included extensive traffic data collection and signal optimization services for two state highways in St. Louis County encompassing 9.7 miles with 25 operating signals.

This project was to provide Missouri Department of Transportation (MoDOT) with signal timing parameters that could be used to enhance progressive traffic movement through the corridor and allow for the optimization of individual intersections. These parameters were developed from arterial progression analyses using Synchro software and implemented in the field to evaluate their effectiveness.

The project included turning movement count collection using JAMAR electronic count boards at all 29 intersections for a total of 48 hours at each location as well as directional mechanical tube counts for a period of one week at eight key locations along the arterial roadways to collect volume and classification data. Before and after travel time measurements were also collected using GPS devices and PC-Travel software.

The implementation of the new traffic signal timings resulted in substantial reduction in travel time through the corridor, which then also cuts fuel usage and emissions.

The project was federally funded through the CMAQ program under MoDOT’s supervision.

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Downtown Transportation Plan

Lochmueller Group (Lochgroup) provided traffic data collection, traffic forecasting, and transportation planning services to the City of Jeffersonville in preparation of a Downtown Master Plan. The plan focused on a new canal that would improve stormwater and sewage conveyance while also allowing the area around the canal to be developed with a convention center, hotel, townhomes, and commercial space containing retail shops and restaurants.

Lochgroup completed extensive traffic data collection to establish existing conditions. This included the collection of manual turning movement count data at 40 intersections during various peak periods. In addition, pneumatic tube counts were collected at seven key locations to collect volume, axle classification, and length data over a one-week period.

Lochgroup was also responsible for the transportation, access, and connectivity components of the Master Plan, which included preparing short- and long-term traffic forecasts, recommending access to specific development areas, identifying corridor cross sections and intersection treatments that promote pedestrian and bicycle usage, and coordinating plans for enhanced access to the canal district with the Indiana Department of Transportation’s rebuild of Interstate 65. Particular emphasis was placed on a connection to the Big Four Bridge, which facilitates non-vehicular access across the Ohio River to Louisville and links the district to an emerging regional trail network.

Lochgroup also prepared a traffic management plan for special events, such as planned festivals and major conventions. The plan recommended a shuttle service to transport visitors from remote parking locations to prevent congestion in the canal district.

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