Wastewater Treatment Plant Improvements

Lochmueller Group provided design services for improvements to the wastewater treatment plant to increase wet-weather flow capacity to 9.0 mgd.

The project included the following:

  • New influent wet well and replacement of influent pumps with variable frequency drives
  • Installation of a vortex grit removal system with a grit classifier
  • Installation of a mechanical bar screen
  • Primary clarifier improvements including new flights and chains and replacement of sludge pumps
  • Secondary clarifier improvements including algae covers, density current baffles, and weirs/scum baffle
  • Conversion of anaerobic digesters to aerobic digesters with positive displacement blowers and coarse bubble diffusers
  • Conversion of chlorination disinfection to UV disinfection
  • RAS/WAS pump station upgrades
  • Replacement of plant influent and effluent samplers
  • Electrical/Instrumentation/SCADA Improvements
  • Installation of a new stand-by generator
  • Installation of magmeters with chart recorders to record plant influent and plant effluent flow

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