Our Values

Integrity – Premier among our core values is integrity. Integrity earns trust and confidence from our clients, associates, business partners, and our families. It means that we can be trusted not just to do things right, but to do the right thing in every instance.

Accountability – We will be accountable at all times for the commitments we make and the work we perform. We respect our clients and our team members, whether they are associates or business partners, and we are fully committed to quality work which is on time and on budget.

Creativity – More than addressing the “what” in our assignments, our curiosity and caring lead us to address the “why” and the “how” as well. Our firm’s genesis in planning drives us to understand “why” a potential assignment exists. Our respect for sustainability in design leads us to probe “how” a project may be accomplished in a more innovative, cost-efficient, and sensitive way, and to partner with our clients in seeking creative means of financing needed infrastructure.

Dedication – Hard work is expected from everyone at Lochmueller Group. Our dedication to our clients and to each other means we will persevere through difficulty, and we will never accept anything less than the very best we have to give in every task we perform. We are dedicated to the mission and values of our founders which sustained us in the past and which we also trust to ensure our future.

Achievement – Our goal is to excel! The joy in our work comes from the opportunity to turn concepts into reality. We approach every assignment as a chance to achieve unique success and recognition for our clients and we honor the individuals among us who are recognized for extraordinary achievement in their fields. The success of our company is fueled by the achievement of each individual.

Respect – There is no greater honor than to earn the respect and loyalty of our clients. We believe that it is respect which earns respect; therefore, we commit to respect the talents, culture, faith, and personal well-being of each individual we serve and employ.


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